Adventures at the Hair Fair #5: Impulse Buy or Iolanthe goes PUNK!

No one--and I do mean no one--would ever describe me as a wild child.  Still, I was at my first ever Second Life Hair Fair, so as I and my friend A. C. W wandered around very, very late at night, I felt like I should do something crazy.  And then I happened to peak into the KMADD booth and saw "Fadima" aka THE MOHAWK.  I just had to have it.  I don't know why..

A. C. W, instead of pulling me away like a true friend would, was also deeply fascinated.  A few days after I spent actual Linden Dollars on this thing, I finally got the courage to try it on and we went to Muddy's Nightclub in our "rocker" clothes and danced the night away.

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Speaking of clothes, I have no idea where I found the outfit I'm wearing in this these pictures.  I know we were wandering around some place outdoors, sim Norway maybe?  And popped into a shop.  I bought A. C. W the suit he's wearing, and he bought me the crazy goth-meets-highland-lass thing I have on.  I think I look cool, but what do I know?

Some Thoughts on the 1920s Berlin Project and Some Actual Commenter Questions Answered

As I previously mentioned, I'm listening to this terrific audiobook called The Boys in the Boat about the U. S. crew team's trip the the 1936 Olympics.  One of the things that makes the book so moving is the author's mentions of the roles that the various Olympians, spectators, etc, will have in the upcoming War.  It made me wonder how much the Second Life 1920s Berlin Project deals with the upcoming Nazi rise to power.  My questions were pretty much answered by this post.  I do wonder however, what the folks who are going the the weekly services at the synagog there are feeling.  Do they feel like they are representing those lost and therefore triumphing over hate?  I'd love to ask someone who attends about this.  Maybe I will someday.

Speaking of questions, I've actually had some from real commenters!  Somebody is reading this journal! Go figure!

First, vettecat asks how users know each other, if they keep changing looks.  The answer is that everybody's username floats above his or her head.  That's how I knew that the huge dragon who scared the spittle out of me in Oahu was actually another Second Life "resident".  This is also the reason why I can say that I saw someone with the user name of "Fangmuffin" at a dance.  LOL!

I'm glad joecoustic agrees with me about the evils of the "Barbie head".

vettecat also asks about fitting clothes in Second Life.  ::sigh::  It used to be simple.  When I first joined I was happily amazed that everything always fit, but then  [cue ominous music] progress happened.  Mesh clothing, jewelry, hats, make-up, you-name-it, became more popular.  Mesh items are more realistic in some ways, but they do need to be fitted and adjusted and, not to sugar coat things, I suck at it.  If something doesn't fit when I first try it on--or try a demo--it's almost impossible for me to fit it properly.  Many, many people apparently have no problem with this.  I am not one of them.

And finally, to tackle my dear friend's most recent questions,  the feather and veil came with my vintage hairdo, but can be removed, and darn, I forgot to get my new shoes into any of the shots. Oh well.

Next up:  some impulse buys.

Adventures at the Hair Fair #4: A Night in Old Berlin

I was really happy with my new vintage hairstyle, but it finally dawned on me that the perfect place to take pictures of a 1920s hairstyle would be The 1920s Berlin Project, which is a really detailed historical role play sim.  This sim is the brainchild and art project of Jo Yardley.  You can see an interview with Frau Yardley here.  And here is the blog for the Project..  As a student of German, I was really fascinated by the project, and I did manage to tour it briefly once before, but this time I headed out, the patient A. C. W. in tow, to find a place to snap some pictures.

You'll never guess what happened--we met Frau Yardley herself!  I told her what we were doing, and she kindly directed us to the lovely Hotel Adlon, where the pictures below were taken.  The 1920's Berlin Project has very strict rules about staying in period, so the dress I featured in the previous post was not going to work.  Luckily, I knew of a vender of 1920s clothing, Donna Flora and this creator really needs the business right now, as she's ill in Real Life.  You can read about efforts to help here.

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The dress and shoes that I'm wearing in these shots are by Donna Flora.  The dress is called "Giulia" and the shoes "Milva".  I can't tell you much about what A. C. W. is wearing, but he sure looks dapper, doesn't he?

Adventures at the Hair Fair #3: All That Jazz

When It comes to time periods in SL, I mostly tend toward Steampunk/Victorian and Medieval, and the hair I own reflects this.  I have a very few 18th century gowns with powdered wigs to match, but those are outliers in my collection.  When my friend A. C. W. and I were touring the Hair Fair though, we came upon the booth for Bliensen + Mai Tai, which featured vintage looks.  My friend saw a style called "La folie du joir" that  he really liked.  He referred to it as very Josephine Baker, and I had to agree.  He was nice enough to buy it for me, and so it has a special place in my heart.

Speaking of hearts, many couples in Second Life, like to dance the night away at Phat Cat's Jazz Club.  The dress code is formal, so I thought one of its balconies would be the perfect place to take a picture of my new 1920s style.  I got another idea about that eventually, but more on that later.

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The gown in these pictures is "Aliyeh" by Bliss Couture.  I have this gown in three colors.  That's how much I love it.  I'm really sorry that this maker is going out of business.  I've certainly bought a lot of her work as the final sale goes on. Hopefully she'll rebound.  She's not leaving Second Life totally anyway.  Oh, I almost forgot to mention that my pearls are from Maxi Gossamer, a very well known SL designer.

Meanwhile, I have more to show you featuring "La folie du joir", but that will be another post.

Adventures at the Hair Fair #2: Bandanas!

One of the really neat things about the hair fair is that each vender contributed a bandana to be sold to earn money for Wigs for Kids.  The first bandana I bought was created by Zaara.  I love her work.  In fact, all of the clothes and jewelry that I'm wearing in the picture below are from Zaara.  Again, the sim featured here is Dark Moon India.

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The second one is a bit more whimsical and it comes from a maker I hadn't heard of before, Blush!

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The sim in this photo is The Crosstime Pub at Elements in Design.  I wish I knew where I got the outfit, but I do remember it is one of the oldest I have.  I think I'm going to call these my [[Blank]] outfits.  :)

I did buy a third bandana, but I haven't been able to get it to fit.  At least the money I spent on it has gone to charity.

Adventures at the Hair Fair #1

Well, one of my Second Life friends (some of you may be able to guess which one) read my last entry and pointed out that the Hair Fair is much less crowded really late at night, and that going late is perfect for a night owl like me.  Unfortunately, I knew I was going to have to miss church today, so, we did go very late Saturday night into this morning , and had the place mostly to ourselves.  I wore my skates which made touring a breeze.  It was really fun seeing all the different booths--some with really, really weird hair for sale--Tentacles anyone??

I came away with several new looks, some cute, some pretty, and some just odd--I did buy now and then on a whim.  Rather than bomb you with pics in one post, I thought I would spread the pictures out over several posts.  I have been having fun acting like a real fashion blogger and finding good outfits, poses and venues to show off my new hair for you.  By the way, a lot of the proceeds of the fair go to charity (more on that later), so this was guilt-free shopping at its best.

First up, the reason that I wanted to go to the fair in the first place.  I've mentioned how much I love hair with flowers, and when I first saw LeLutka's Lorella hair featured on several fashion blogs, I really, really wanted it.  I should mention that a lot of the designs at the fair are exclusives that can't be found elsewhere.  Anyway, with the help of my friend, I tracked down my quarry fairly early in the night.  I bought the dark shades pack, but ended up going with one that was lighter than usual for these pictures.  I'll be interested in what you think.

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NOTE:  The beach outfit I'm wearing is from Solange, and the sim is the really beautiful Dark Moon India

Splitting Hairs about Hair in Second Life

As one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Grazia, points out, right now the big event in SL is the Hair Fair.  I haven't gone, even though some of the styles I've seen look lovely, because the venue is way way crowded.  However, I have been experimenting with hair again, and I thought I'd share a little about that.

If you are a regular reader, you know that I basically kept the first hair I found for my avatar that I liked and felt no desire to change it for a long time.  I've only started experimenting with different looks very recently.  In real life, I'm terrible with hair.  I can't style it at all, and really have no desire to mess with it.  This has always been true, even in my teen years and earlier.  As a little girl, I had long hair which my Mom kept in braids.  I remember crying because I couldn't style my "Barbie head".  Did anyone else have one of those?  Anyway, I keep my hair short for the sake of convenience these days.  In Second Life though, one can change hair styles and colors without too much trouble.

I prefer black generally, because I've found though trial and error that black looks best with my avatar's skin tone.  I do occasionally wear white hair though--and pink.  For quite a while, I stayed with long "flexy" hair, because I liked the way it moved when I danced.  The hair below is from a maker called  Hazzard and it is called "Arabian NIghts":  I don't remember anymore where I got the dance costume from.

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I also have a particular love of hair with flowers in it.  My favorite maker for this kind of hair is D!VA.  I think the creator is Japanese in this case, and the hair sometimes has a very anime feel.  I was lucky enough to find the hair below and a dress to match.  By the way, this hair is made of a material called "mesh" so it doesn't really move like flexy hair does, but it sure looks pretty. This hair is called "Ange":  The dress is "Adjira" from Bliss Couture

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And finally, I hadn't run across any short hair that I liked at all, until I saw this blog post from Juicy Bomb.  I knew I had to have that hair and I think it looks great on me. Please do comment and let me know what you think:

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Goodbye Robbie

I haven't been able to post for some time because of family stuff, and I really hate that my newest post has to be about the end of the Inspector Lewis mystery series.  Readers of this LJ--all six of you--know that I love Robbie Lewis and always have.  I did enjoy the last episode--especially the last scene.  At least I'll always have fanfic--even though most of it is slash.

Sword Dancing Times Two

Jeannie Lin writes really fun romances set in Tang Dynasty China.  Her most recent book is called The Sword Dancer, which, thanks to the power of pre-order, just arrived on my kindle.  I'm looking forward to getting into the story, but what's really neat is that in her introduction, Lin referenced Jennifer Roberson's book Sword-Dancer.  Even though I have read some Roberson before, I hadn't heard of this book from the 80s or its series, but it sounds terrific, it's on kindle, and I think it will even feed my need for more Arabian Nights-type fantasy now that I've finished the latest Asim and Dabir book.  So, it looks like I'm going to be Sword dancing in double-time.
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SL is having a massive celebration for its 10th birthday, called SL10B. It's like a two week fair with all kinds of exhibits built by people and groups. Some of them are like little museums, some are interactive art projects, some have rides. I was on a giant waterslide. There's four stages for live music. One is shaped like a huge flower arrangement with a birthday cake in the middle, another one looks like a series of lily pads in a lake. I bought a cheap pair of roller skates and have just been going from one area to another. I had to take a long nap this afternoon, and I'm still not done looking at everything I want to see. There's hidden prizes too, but I haven't found much so far. I'm so glad I got to go before it's over on the 28th. It's interesting that whole areas will just be "taken down" when the event is over and vanish.