May 8th, 2013

Damon Eyes

Second Life Pet Peeves Meme

Here's another challenge from Strawberry Singh:

Meme instructions: Share your top five SL pet peeves.  Right now, I only have four:

  1. Boxes and shopping bags: Why, oh why, do virtual goods come with virtual packaging?  It's annoying.  One has to rez the boxes, open them, then delete them.  I also hate the animations that put a shopping bag over my shoulder or whatever--bah!  Hate!  I just want my stuff okay?  I don't need this song and dance.  I'm not ashamed to admit that when I was very new, I often ended up with boxes stuck to myself because I couldn't get the hang of opening them.

  2. Placing objects: My regular readers--all four of you--know the saga of my backwards porch swing and my floating furniture  Why is it so difficult to place objects in SL??  How do people manage to do all the decorating they do when it is soooooooo difficult??  Am I just a moron?  Don't answer that.

  3. Second Life Time (aka SLT aka Pacific Time): Unless I get my SL addiction under control, I may be sleep deprived for the rest of my life.  I wish when it was 8:00 SLT, it wasn't 11:00 here in EST.  I'd like a little lead so maybe 8 SLT= 10 EST, but not soooo much.  I am a night person, but this is ridiculous.

  4. People asking to friend me when they've just been introduced to me: I find it awkward to refuse people's friend requests.  I also don't want to be friends with all of Second Life.  I wish people would just not offer immediately.  Let's get to know each other hmmmmmmm?

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