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Here's the poem I promised. . .

So, I haven't updated this journal every Saturday like I wanted to--consistency my constant struggle, but here's the poem I said I wanted to write in my last entry:

Swimming Pool

One sweltering day,
When Matisse
Was old,

He wanted to
Sketch divers,
But it was too hot

“Fine,” he said,
I’ll make my
Own pool”

If Matisse can
Submerge his
Dining room,

With rolls of
Colored paper, scissors
And push pins

What else?

I want to be
A diver in Matisse’s “The Swimming Pool”
Stretching my blue paper cut out limbs,

Or tumbling into air,
Or racing the stars, and the

Splashing around
the borders of the
Artist’s dining room

As his guests make
Erudite Spanish


Forget for a moment
The swimmers with
Their muscular shoulders,

Or the divers
With their
Exclamation Point

Bodies Arcing
And Swooping
Among the jellyfish,

Let’s talk about
The pinwheel
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