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Reflexes: Goodbye TWOP

After Roger Ebert died, I had to stop myself from going to his site automatically every time I saw a film.  It was such a life-long habit, I have no idea how long it will take to fade, and when it finally does, it will feel like losing Roger all over again.

When I heard from a friend that Television without Pity was being shut down, I didn't really believe it.  The site had been a daily part of my life for years and years.  I enjoyed reading the long snark-filled recaps even of TV episodes that I had watched more than once, and if I had missed an ep of a beloved show, TWOP was always there for me. That site had legendary forums, and its stable of recapers spawned some really good writers, many of whom work in the TV industry now.  To read more about the site's legacy and importance to fans, go here.  I'm glad that NBC/Universal reversed its earlier decision and decided to keep the archives public, but I literally do not know what I'm going to do without TWOP, or how long it will take me to stop automatically checking for new posted recaps after a busy Sunday night of TV.

To pick an example not at random, Jacob Clifton's recaps are legendary.  They veer from comedy to criticism to philosophy, and back, sometimes in the same sentence. The man has his own fans. It hurts me that I will probably never read his thoughts on the show-shaking events unfolding now on The Good Wife.  To take TWOP away during what is probably one of the best seasons of TV ever seems like a cruel irony.
I suppose I need to remember that life is just like this and I have to learn to let go and move on, but oh wow, it is hard.

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