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I return to discuss skin in Second Life

Hello folks  ::waves to the four of you::

Well, I haven't posted here in forever, but in my defense, last semester was an awful lot of work, and then there was Christmas, and then more work and, and you get the idea.
I wanted to write a bit about how much fun it is to change one's looks in Second Life.  Believe it or not, people buy skins just like you might buy dresses in real life.  My original skin was a freebee, but then I saw this post, and decided I'd try a different look that would evoke the desert, and go with all these belly dancing clothes I was buying.  I also, of course, went with my Arabian Nights hair.  Here's a before and after for you:



I have more to share about my adventures in changing skins and such, but I think I will make several different posts for each.  It's more fun and more manageable to go that route.  So, here we go with The Skin/Shape series!
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