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Adventures at the Hair Fair #6: Impulse Buy 2, or Maybe Iolanthe Doesn't Hate Modern Art

When it comes to the visual arts, I'm really more into the Old Masters, like my frequent poem muse Caravaggio, however, occasionally I do see the value of modern art.  Second Life is filled with digital artists of all kinds, of course, creating installations right and left.  What I didn't know, was that Linden Labs, which created Second Life, actually has a Linden Endowment for the Arts to support and encourage some of the artists on the grid.  Of course, when I first got into fashion in SL, I thought of it as a kind of art of its own.  Certainly the hair that I saw at the Curious Kitties booth at the Hair Fair was a kind of art.  I'd never seen anything like it outside of Japanese anime.  Again I felt compelled.  I bought "BigDeal" which belongs to their Nyanotech series and got some interesting colors to try.  It's really a fun style.

The shots below were taken at Storybook, an art installation on LEA28.  I'd like to look around some more there.  It has a very Alice in Wonderland feel.



The next pictures were taken at an art installation called Resonant Osmosis in LEA26.  The really neat thing about this one was how everything moved and changed.  I really want to experience it again. Here's a link to a video showing the art in metamorphosis, and here's some more information.




The vintage-style blue and gold dress I'm wearing, "Noemi", was made to help out the owner of Donna Flora.  There's more information on the creation of the dress here.

This is my final Hair Fair 2013 post.  I hope you've enjoyed them as much as I've enjoyed making them.  Trying to be a real fashion blogger is hard work.  It is also fun though.
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